Consultant News no. 34, 2013

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Editorial, Søren Rode, CEO.

And so a long, hot and fantastic Danish summer has

ProData Consult has entered Q3 with over 300 consultants on contract, and with announcements on the strongest pipelines
ever from our key clients.

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Joint interview with Thomas Axen og Charlotte Dam, PenSam.

Increased focus on testing at PenSam

Thomas Axen is a man who takes testing very seriously. He's done so since 1995, when the primary companies were Microsoft in the ERP field and then ATP, where he spent a number of years developing the testing field. Thomas Axen is now very busy repeating his success
at PenSam.

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Interview with consultant Mads Loose Winkler, developer and test automation expert.

Test automation demands a wholehearted approach

If you are considering test automation for your business, you should start by asking why you want to do it. After that, set aside plenty of time, resources and elbow grease if you want to get something out of your investment. So says Mads Loose Winkler, one of Denmark's best test automation consultants.

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IT consultant Claus Holm.

My Greatest challenge

Outsourcing created problems:
The task was an acceptance test, where they tested selected automated job flows, e.g. payment flows, to ensure that daily operations functioned after a major biannual release.

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Louise Ege, Tester and Jakob Øjvind Nielsen, Test manager.

POLL: Two consultants on their attitude towards te

Testers spend an inordinate amount of time on improbable scenarios.

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Consultant News no. 34, 2013: